How to resolve Common problems:

Advice on the resolution of common technical issues for eResources:
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URL’s for Statewide licensed eResources:

Please contact 

How to Bypass Message Labs for IP Authentication

Libraries requiring access to online eContent services (e.g.  Statewide Databases) which use IP authentication and are also configured with Messagelabs Web content filtering service will require additional configuration in on the SonicWALL in order to bypass the Messagelabs proxy server to authenticate to these online services successfully. Read More.


Update Public Library Membership Card Numbers

If your library has introduced a new library card membership sequence it's important that you notify to ensure that your clients can continue to access the Statewide Suite of Databases.  

If your service is participating in the State Library Public Card membership initiative we can pass on changes to your membership card sequence to the the relevant section.  

It is also important to alert of any obsolete barcode ranges.  

To update your details please complete the Public Library Card Barcode Change Request online form.

Accessing Usage Statistics:

A guide for extracting usage statistics for the State-wide suite of eResources. Please contact 

Contact Vendor Support:

A list of Vendor technical support contacts. Read More.