Formats & eReaders

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eBook formats overview

eReading Devices

E Ink, Tablets, Smartphones & Apps

E-Reader and Cloud Based Services

With the development of cloud based services it is not uncommon for an ebook consumer to use a range of devices to read an eBook title over the course of a week.


For members of the community with visual disabilities eBooks and eReading devices have the potential to assist users to gain access to the digital collections provided by public libraries.

NSW Public Library Approaches to Providing eLending Training

An overview of eBook and eReader training initiatives

eLending Training Material from NSW Public Libraries

Support material developed by NSW Public Libraries eLending Kit Pilot Project

The eLending Kit (or “ELK”) is a pilot project designed to increase public library staff knowledge and experience of eLending devices and the eLending environment.

ELK Training Course Week One

Welcome to the eLending Kit or eLK for short!

ELK Training Course Week Two

This week we look in closer detail at the range of devices in the eLending Kit.

ELK Training Course Week Three

This week we explore the eLending / eReading environment by looking at sources of free and fee-based content.

ELK Training Course Week Four

This week we look at ways in which libraries promote eReading in their communities.