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How do you set up remote access to the state-wide databases?
Remote access to the EBSCO state-wide databases is via your library patron barcode range. If this information is not registered in the EBSCO database, then your patrons will not be able to access these resources remotely. Call NSW.net to set up this access.
I can’t seem to access the NSW.net state-wide databases?
The state-wide databases use IP authentication as a means of controlling access. Many organisations upgrade their Internet services regularly, so your new IP address has probably not been registered with the state-wide database vendors. You will need to contact NSW.net to update your IP address.
How do I report an Internet service fault?
The NSW.net Support Program provides phone and remote support to assist you with issues related to your NSW.net connectivity services. On Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm you should report all internet related problems to the Hitech Support Help Desk on (02) 8883 4355. Hitech will manage your call by liaising directly with you and your ISP to rectify your problem. If you wish to escalate any problems, please contact NSW.net on 1800 679 638. Outside of these hours, internet related problems should be reported directly to your ISP’s Network Operations Centre (NOC).
What do I need to do if the Internet is not working?
If your ADSL service has gone down, we recommend that you reboot your ADSL modem and firewall and wait 10 minutes. If the service has not returned, you should log a call with Hitech Support on (02) 8883 4355.