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If I am not selected in the initial group when will my library get access to indyreads?

The aim is to have all NSW public libraries set-up to utilise the indyreads™ platform by March 2019.  

How will the State Library select the libraries to be involved in the initial set up of indyreads™? Can I put my library forward?

For the initial set-up NSW.net will work with a handful of libraries which use a cross section of library management systems.  If you are interested in participating in the first batch of libraries to be set-up for indyreads™ please contact NSW.net. The library service must agree to allocate sufficient staff resources for the set-up, testing and rollout of the platform within an agreed timeframe.  

If we cannot resolve a technical issue after referring to the NSW.net indyreads™ support page what should we do?

Contact the NSW.net staff via the Contact Us Form, selecting indyreads™ as the topic.

What is the difference between Primary Support & Secondary Support?

Primary Support is provided by the public library service to library patrons to assist with questions relating to the use of the indyreads™ platform and Android and IOS indyreads™ APP. This includes questions relating to; search, discovery, loans, return and general APP navigation.

Secondary Support is provided by the State Library of NSW to public libraries to assist in the resolution of user questions which are not covered in the support material and technical issues with the indyreads™ platform and Android and IOS APPS.

What support will the State Library provide?

The State Library of NSW will provide staff training on the indyreads™ platform and APPS as well as a collection of user guides and technical manuals.  The State Library will also provide ‘Secondary Support’ to NSW public libraries in the circumstance whereby the library cannot resolve an issue using the supplied user guides and technical manuals.

Can our library obtain usage statistics?

Basic statistics (loan, download, borrower and title) can be obtained by the designated administrator at each library.  Instructions will be available in the indyreads™ technical support section of the NSW.net website.

Can do we import the MARC records from indyreads™ into our catalogue?

Yes, please refer to technical support.

Will additional copies of a book be added if there are a lot of reserves on it?

Yes, once a title has five holds a new copy will be purchased. 

Can clients reserve books in indyreads™?

Yes, a registered library card holder can reserve a title which is out on loan.  To do so a client must be logged into the indyreads™ platform.  Please refer to the user guides.

What type of formats can be hosted on the indyreads™ platform?

The following formats can be hosted on indyreads™: EPUB, PDF, MP3 & MP4.