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How do I determine the total number of Journal, eBooks and video titles available in the NSW.net suite of statewide licensed databases?

The current suite of NSW.net statewide licensed databases are supplied by EBSCO.  Due to the complex nature of content licensing the total number of titles will fluctuate as new titles are added and old titles are deleted &/or journal title subscriptions cease.  As such it is difficult to provide a definitive annual list of titles by format.

If you are interested in knowing the current number of titles across each format for a particular statewide licensed database we suggest that you refer to the latest content list spreadsheets available on the product home pages listed below.  The content lists are typically available in an Excel spreadsheet and the data can be filtered by format, subject and date.

Academic Search Premier

Australian New Zealand Points of View Reference Center

Australian New Zealand Reference Center

Consumer Health Complete

Literary Reference Centre Plus

MasterFile Complete

Novelist Plus  (this resource primarily contains HTML text)

Science Reference Center https://www.ebscohost.com/public/science-reference-center

What authentication methods for accessing eResources are available?
The majority of eResource products use your institution’s IP address for internal authentication. Remote access is generally enabled using the registered patron ID or Barcode. Several eBook vendors prefer referring URL or EZPROXY for remote access.
What is the difference between the NSW.net State-wide licensed databases and the State Library of New South Wales eResource collections?

The NSW.net State-wide licensed databases can be utilised by NSW public library staff for reference service purposes and by their respective library members within the library or from home.  These resources are for individual use and are not to be used as an institutional resource by third parties. 


The licence agreement for the State Library of New South Wales eResources enables remote access by registered users of the State Library of New South Wales, 24/7, at their usual computers in their homes,  public libraries etc. The resources have not been licensed for use by NSW public library staff in providing services to their clients. To do so would be a breach of the terms and conditions of the license agreements. Please refer to the State Library of NSW Access Conditions for eResources for further information. 

Can I trial the products before I buy?
The majority of NSW.net vendors provide free product trials. Product trials for discovery tools, catalogue enhancements and some eBook platforms are not possible due to substantial set-up and configuration requirements. In such circumstances NSW.net can provide contact details for existing clients to facilitate an assessment of the product.
How can I keep up with NSW.net eResources developments?

Libraries interested in keeping up with NSW.net eResource developments are advised to subscribe to the NSW Public Library Database Contacts LISTSERV.  

We also recommend that you subscribe to the NSW.net Twitter feed and Blog.


What is the invoicing cycle for NSW.net Consortia opt-in databases?
NSW.net Consortia opt-in offers are aligned to the financial year (July – June) in accordance with the local Government budget cycle. Each year the Consortia offers are renegotiated in March and announced in April with new subscriptions commencing in July. In circumstances whereby a library is interested in subscribing to a product after July the vendor will apply a pro-rata subscription which will align the subscription to the NSW.net subscription cycle.
What do I do if my council/library IP address changes?
As internal authentication is based upon your library service’s IP address range, any change to your IP address range will disable automatic authentication unless you notify the vendor prior to the change. For NSW.net Consortia opt-in databases, please refer to the eResources product page for vendor contact details.
What do I do if staff and clients can no longer access a State-wide licensed database?
Please refer to troubleshooting common problems [internal link]. If you require further assistance please contact Ross Balharrie 9273 1498 rbalharrie@sl.nsw.gov.au.
How do I obtain eResource usage statistics for the State-wide licensed databases?

To obtain usage statistics for the EBSCO state-wide licensed databases please refer to the technical support section http://www.nswnet.net/content/accessing-usage-statistics

Are the NSW.net Consortia Opt-in Offers available to library services in other sectors (TAFE, Academic, Schools, etc)?
No. The NSW.net Consortia Opt-in Offers are only available to NSW public libraries.