IFLA 2014 eLending Background Paper

Following on from the 2012 eLending Background paper, IFLA has released a new update on eBooks and libraries providing a concise international snapshot of eLending.

The IFLA 2014 eLending Backround Paper notes, that whilst there has been an improvement in the availability of trade publications there are still significant concerns around pricing and restrictive licensing conditions.  

The report also suggests that the current downloadable eBook format which is text based is likely to be replaced by a multi-media offering which will be streamed as opposed to downloaded due to the larger file size.  

The emergence of commercial "Netflix" style services like, Scrib, Oyster and Amazon Unlimited may also have a negative impact on the library sectors ability to negotiate access to content for library users, particularly if these services gain traction with consumers.  

The background paper indicates that ongoing advocacy will be necessary to ensure that libraries can continue to preserve the written record and provide equitable access to information for present and future generations.