eLending Landscape Report 2014

A new report on the international eLending landscape has been released by the Australian Library and Information Association.

The eLending Landscape Report 2014, reviews large scale eLending initiatives in Canada, the United States and Europe.  An in-depth analysis for each initiative is provided with a focus on the approximate establishment and collection costs, project motivation and goals and an assessment of the projects viability and sustainability. 

The report notes that Australian public libraries continue to experience great difficulty in obtaining eBooks for eLending and finding a platform that will meet the desired criteria.

  • A secure, trusted repository that contains ebooks from the big publishers, as well as from authors direct, and from local publishers
  • Content procured at a fair price
  • Providing access to local history content
  • Library branded
  • Providing content that can be accessed from all sorts of devices
  •  With a clever discovery layer
  • The options of loan or buy.