eLending and the Digital Library Seminar: Rethinking Copyright for a Digital Economy

Trish Hepworth,  Executive Officer at Australian Digital Alliance (ADA Twitter)

Recently returned from Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks in Brunei and having written two submissions on domestic copyright reform in the last two months, Trish Hepworth has her finger on the pulse of copyright change in Australia.  Executive Officer for the Australian Digital Alliance and Copyright Adviser for the Australian Libraries Copyright Commission, Trish's previous career spanned corporate, government and NGO roles in four countries.  Most recently in-house legal for the federal Department of Immigration, previous roles have included and running presentation workshops for Serbian bankers, presenting science shows in Wales and tutoring Tongan lawyers in English law.

Presentation Synopsis:

The internet has profoundly changed the way we create, access and disseminate culture, ushering in new industries and altering our perceptions of creators.  Libraries have been at the forefront of the technological wave, teaching patrons internet skills, exploring the possibilities of ebooks, digitising and making available collections and generally using technology to increase the public's access to knowledge.  But how do these ways of providing services work with our increasingly outdated copyright laws?
This presentation explores the current reform and change proposals that have the potential to impact on libraries and their activities.  Focussing on the ALRC Copyright and the Digital Economy review, we will also quickly look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership and AGD TPM review.  From text and data mining to inter-library loan, we peer into the future of library copyright and ask 'what more needs to be done'?


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