Book Industry Collaborative Council: Final Report

In September 2013 the Book Industry Collaborative Council (BICC) released its final report.

The formation of BICC was a recommendation of the Book Industry Strategy Group.  The government established BICC for a 12 month period to provide industry leadership and develop practical implementation plans to progress the issues identified by BISG.

BICC identified seven priority areas to establish Expert Reference Groups (ERG) to consider issues and propose strategies  for industry progress.

The seven ERGs were set up in the following areas:

  •  Copyright
  •  Data
  •  Distribution
  •  Export
  •  Lending rights
  •  Scholarly book publishing
  •  Skills
The BICC final report presents the outcomes from the BICC process. Its purpose is five-fold:
  1. To report on the achievements of the BICC and its network of Expert Reference Groups to the Government and industry.
  2. To provide information to the industry on key areas where adaptation in response to the challenges facing the industry is required and where opportunities exist for innovative initiatives at various points in the supply chain.
  3. To identify specific actions which can be adopted and progressed through industry-driven initiatives once the BICC and ERG networks have completed their term.
  4. To emphasise the importance of the book industry to Australian culture and to show that the cultural and creative benefits of Australian books go hand in hand with the industry’s economic contribution to output, incomes, exports and employment.
  5. To provide an authoritative reference source for issues related to the Australian book industry for use by business, government, journalists, students and other interested parties.