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The Macquarie Dictionary Online gives you access to the Macquarie Dictionary Seventh Edition (published in 2017), updates of thousands of new and updated words, phrases and definitions and the companion reference the Macquarie Thesaurus.

The Macquarie Dictionary & Thesaurus Online features the following:

  • the complete record of English as it is used in Australia, from the colourfully colloquial to the highly technical
  • thousands of new words and senses, such as fiscal cliff, social reading, apera, green tape, fugitive emissions, hobo glove, konjac, mummy blog, fibro majestic, blade runner, computer forensics. Words are constantly coming into use in Australian English, from many different sources
  • words relating to business, science and technology such as guanxi, rogue robot, silo mentality, growth hacking,crowdfunding, citizen science
  • words and phrases from regional Australia, many gathered from Australian Word Map, a joint online project of Macquarie and ABC Online, such as black snow, hydro pole, maisonette, marron, musset hut, nointer, schnitter
  • encyclopedic entries such as Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, Ban Ki-moon, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Haiyan                                           
  • easy, comprehensive and interactive searching of over 138,000 headwords and phrases and over 210,000 definitions, with the ability to search either the dictionary, thesaurus or both
  • annual updates of words, definitions and encyclopedic entries
  • illustrative material from Ozcorp, Macquarie's database of Australian writing, which continues to be increased and updated
  • etymologies for words as well as for some of the more interesting phrases in English. Where does 'save someone's bacon' come from? And what about 'on the wallaby'?
  • extensive usage notes, audio pronunciations and extra features including grammar and punctuation guides, crossword resources, Word of the Day and Aussie Word of the Week
  • Regular blogs with informative discussion on all things language, from new words, idioms, Australianisms and more.
  • Dedicated page for listening to the Macquarie Dictionary podcast, Word for Word.






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