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Wheelers are an Australasian based business totally focused on libraries and their patrons. In the early years Wheelers focused on print, but with the rise of eBooks the team has built a state-of-the-art eLending system being used in schools, public and corporate libraries across the world. Our 100+ staff across Asia love books, whether digital or print. We share this passion with librarians across the world and we work together with them to ensure their library members have simple, affordable access to quality books to enrich their lives.

Our eLibrary solution is called ePlatform. We customise it for each customer, so no two look the same. In terms of what titles are in your eLibrary there are three main options:

  • Private Collections - You purchase eBooks for the sole use of your library members
  • Shared Collections - You join a shared collection to access a huge range of appropriate titles based on your library type and location
  • Hybrid - You can subscribe to a shared collection to gain access to a huge range of eBooks but you can also purchase titles just for your members (maybe you want class sets or specialty titles not available n the shared collection) - this is a powerful combination

Vendor Contact

Ed Brown
General Manager Business Development
Email: ed@wheelersbooks.com.au
Phone: 1800 033 057
Fax: 64 21 0811 1768
Mobile: +64 2 108 111 768

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