2019 - 2020 NSW.net Consortia Opt-in Offers

The 2019 - 2020 NSW.net Consortia Opt-in Offers will be progressively released from May.   

A list of products appears below.   If you are interested in identifying which products are available for a particular subject area, we recommend that you try our product filter which allows searching by subject, format and intended audience:  http://www.nswnet.net/e-resources/database/Consortia

The consortia pricing can only be viewed by registered users.  If you work in a NSW public library and have direct responsibilty for the selection of eResources at your library service you can self register by selecting login (top right hand corner) and create new account.  

To subscribe to a new resource, all you need to do is contact the product sales representative (details listed in pricing documentation) and indicate that you would like to take advantage of the NSW.net Consortia Opt-in offer for the desired product.

Please note: some vendors provide volume based discounts and it is therefore necessary that you express your intent to subscribe by a specified date  (volume based offers highlighted in red).

Free Product Trials: A number of vendors are providing free product trials to coincide with the release of the 2019/20 consortia opt-in offers.  These trials are hosted in the eResources trial section of the NSW.net website.

Please note if you are having difficulties opening PDFs in Chrome, please try Internet Explorer.  If you cannot access a PDF file, please contact us.

Uploaded 2019/20 NSW.net Consortia Opt-in Offers (if there is no link the offer is still forthcoming)